Our Current COVID-19 Protocol

Our CURRENTLY EFFECTIVE COVID-19 Procedures: (updated June 25, 2020)
We are diligently doing our best to keep you, our patients, and our team healthy by minimizing exposure to limit the spread of this virus. In so doing, our hospital is currently working as two separate teams, working alternating weeks, with no contact between the teams during those weeks. If one team member gets sick – we can quarantine that team and still be operational! 

With that being said, below is our current Covid-19 procedures per department:
Our hours of operation are 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday.

ALL of our services are currently CURBSIDE whether veterinary appointments, intake or discharge for surgery, pharmacy and refill prescriptions, boarding, or daycare.

Upon arriving on our premises, please call us at 919.948.4210 and one of the team members will be happy to instruct you further!  
See below for more information regarding daycare, which has a designated drop-off and pick-up location.

DROP-OFF is at 7:30a, unless otherwise directed.

DAYCARE: Monday through Friday
to attend, you must make a RESERVATION in advance! 

DROP-OFF and PICK-UP is on the LEFT SIDE of the HOSPITAL, along the WOODEN FENCE, at the WOODEN GATE!
if no one is at the fence, please call our Kennel at 919.815.1222.

DROP-OFF is ONLY AVAILABLE from 7:30a to 8:30a. PICK-UP is ONLY AVAILABLE from 5:00p to 6:00p.

Daycare Add-On for boarders is limited to only half-day, including weekends ($12.00 per half-day).

Doggie-Daycare on Wednesday's is a special puppy-play-day opportunity for our COVID-Pups that are just getting started        in the world of socialization. We HIGHLY recommend for these pups ONLY a HALF-DAY of daycare. Puppy play-day is during our morning daycare session ONLY!
DROP-OFF is from 7:30a to 8:00a; PICK-UP is 11:00a to 11:30a. Cost is $15.00.

ALL boarding forms must be filled out and returned to us IN ADVANCE of your stay (no less than 24 hours).
Upon making your boarding reservation, we will send you the required forms via email or website link. 
On any given weekday, upon arriving on our premises, please call us at 919.948.4210 and one of the team members will be happy to instruct you further!  

Weekday DROP-OFF and/or PICK-UP is ONLY AVAILABLE from 8:00a to 12:00n or 3:00p to 6:00p.

PLEASE NOTE: for ALL weekend boarding appointments (drop-off or pick-up), you must call the Kennel Team at 919.815.1222.
Weekend DROP-OFF is ONLY AVAILABLE on SATURDAY from 8:00a to 12:00n; 
there is no boarding drop-off Saturday evening or on Sunday!
Weekend PICK-UP is AVAILABLE on SATURDAY from 8:00a to 12:00n and SUNDAY from 4:30p to 5:00p.

We are offering telemedicine appointments to help limit exposure, as well.
If something is going on with your pet that is not of high concern (possible ear infection, skin issues, behavior problems, anxiety, uncomplicated diarrhea) call us and we can set up a time for your telemedicine appointment. This may either involve a phone call with the doctor after you email us any relevant photos or videos, or a video chat with the doctor. Depending on your pet’s issue, we may advise you to drive to the hospital parking lot for your telemedicine appointment - that way if it is something the doctor thinks they need an exam for, then are already here.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all cases are eligible for telemedicine appointments, click here to learn more.

Heartworm Prevention and/or Flea/Tick:
For refills on flea/tick and heartworm preventatives and per the current NC Veterinary Medical Board guidelines, we are not requiring a current physical exam or heartworm test to fill or refill - as long as we have a veterinary client/patient relationship. It is much too important to keep your pet on these preventatives and we will catch up with all overdue heartworm tests once we resume normalcy.

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation!
your RCAH Team

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