The upper floor of our hospital accommodates our canine and feline boarding, accessible by stairs and/or elevator. We don’t believe in nickeling and diming the care of our clients and patients; instead our philosophy is simple: “do it the way it should be done,” where tummy rubs are free and treats are handed out liberally. Exercise will come in all sorts of ways -- time in the outside play-yards (weather permitting), time running loose in the boarding suite, or playtime in one of our three air-conditioned play rooms. Instead of paying by the minute, we vow to keep them out and about as much as we can with frequent potty-breaks and individual playtimes! If group play is desired for your pup while you are away, for a nominal daily charge, your pup can participate in all the fun and festivities of daycare!

Kitties, also, have play time in their boarding area which includes a large window, climbing structures, and a comfy chair to curl up in.

Canine Accommodations:

 We have 12 3’x6’ runs on the second floor. Pets have the comfort of being on smooth floors   with a drain and a full-height glass door, instead of the discomfort of metal grates and behind   bars. Four of the runs have adjoining doorways that can open between two adjacent runs,   allowing for a larger family to stay together. And when two adjoining runs won’t do, we have a     JUMBO run that can!!!

 For the smaller pups, we have stainless steel cages (and not just your ordinary standard cage) -   these cages range in size from our very smallest 36”x30” to a whopping 60”x30” - that’s almost   as much space as one of our runs!

For pets requiring medical attention or those with special needs, we have a ward on the first floor with 5 3’x5’ runs and a jumbo run; or we have a medical ward with stainless steel cages of all sizes.

Feline Accommodations:

Our cat boarding has its own wing within our facility, allowing our cats as much isolation as possible from the canine chaos. Spacious condos with separate private sleeping areas and enclosed litter box areas give your cat the privacy and solitude they need to feel comfortable. And helping to calm their anxiety just a pinch more, we have a Feliway diffuser releasing ‘happy’ pheromones. A comfy chair, cat trees, and huge window with attached bird feeders only add to their experience and entertainment during their playtime.

In order to ensure the safety of your pets and our other guests, we require that all guests adhere to the following Policies and Procedures:

Application & Waiver: 
At time of drop-off, all pets must have a completed/signed admissions form. You can download and print this form here.

All dogs are welcome; however, your pet’s boarding experience may be tailored to fit their behavior.

Drop-off of your pet must occur during our open-to-the-public hours.
Pick-up of your pet must occur before 4pm during weekdays or a late fee of $10.00 is incurred.
Pick-up on weekends is Saturday 8am-12n; and Sunday 4:30pm-5pm.
Dogs not picked up by closing time will be boarded overnight, and overnight fees will apply.
Owner must provide written authorization to allow anyone else to pick up their dog, and people who are authorized by you will be required to present valid picture identification to ensure the safety of your dog.

We request that you bring your pet’s regular food to avoid causing possible digestive issues (diarrhea, etc). Any special feeding instructions (restrictions, allergies, feeding time, adding water or wet food, elevating food, etc.) must be relayed to our team at time of drop-off. 
If you forget to bring your dog's food or you don't bring enough for their stay, we will gladly provide our premium house food (please note that changing your dog's regular food may cause diarrhea). 

All dogs must be clean, in good health, current on required preventative care, and be flea-free. Owners will certify that their pets are in good health and have not been ill with a communicable condition in the last 30 days. Assessment of health will be noted upon intake and adjustments made accordingly during their stay if any contagious disease is noted. We pride ourselves on being a flea-free facility  -- if we see fleas on your pet, we will treat them with a flea preventative, at cost.

Legal Stuff: 
Our Policies, Procedures, Services and Rates may change without notice. 

We are happy to give oral or topical medication to your dog, but require the following: all medications must be in their original container and must include your dog's name, the name and strength of the medication, and directions including dosage, number of times per day, etc. 

Nail Trims & Baths: 
While we will make every effort to trim your pets nails and/or bathe your pet at your request; the health, safety and well-being of your pet is our first priority. Some pets become anxious and overly agitated during nail trims and baths, and we will not perform these services if we feel that the pet's health and/or our staff's safety may be jeopardized.

Holiday Reservations, Deposits & Cancellation Policy: 
Deposits are required for overnight stays during our recognized holidays. 
For 2020, our Holidays are as follows:
Easter – Sunday, April 12th (no Sunday drop-off or pick-ups)
Memorial Day – Monday, May 25th (no Sunday or Monday drop-off or pick-ups)
Independence Day – Saturday, July 4th (no Saturday drop-off or pick-ups)
Labor Day – Monday, September 7th (no Sunday or Monday drop-off or pick-ups)
Thanksgiving – Thursday, November 26th (no Thursday drop-off or pick-ups)
Christmas Eve + Christmas – Thursday and Friday, December 24th and 25th (no Thursday or Friday drop-off or pick-ups)
New Year’s – Friday, January 1 (no Friday drop-off or pick-ups)

The deposit is $65.00 per pet. 
This deposit is refundable only if the reservation is cancelled fourteen (14) days or more in advance of the scheduled stay; otherwise, the deposit is forfeited.

Vaccination Policy: 
All canine guests must have up-to-date vaccinations and semi-annual negative fecal tests in order to be a member of our pack. Owners must submit written proof of current DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus), Bordetella (kennel cough), and Rabies vaccinations as well as an semi-annual negative fecal float test. You may either bring us a copy of your dog's vaccination and fecal records or have your veterinary clinic send them to us. Puppies must be current in their cycle of vaccines to be boarded. It is the ongoing responsibility of the owner to provide verification that vaccinations are current -- we will make every effort to remind you before your dog's vaccinations expire.

What to Bring: 
We provide bedding and bowls. We ask of you to bring all food, treats (no rawhides or greenies, please), medication, toys, and anything else that you would like your dog to have when in the kennel area (anything with familiar smells will help your dog settle in comfortably). Please note: anything you do bring is at your own risk of being damaged, soiled, chewed, or destroyed.

Boarding Doggie-Daycare
Owners understand that supervised off-leash socialization and interaction between our guests is encouraged. Owners also acknowledge that dogs are unpredictable in behavior, and are aware of the risks involved in such play, and assume all risks.

Safety Issues: 
In order to maintain a safe play environment for the dogs, we reserve the right to remove any dog from daycare.

Any dog with vomiting, diarrhea, cough, or warts (or any other contagious disease) will be removed from daycare and will not be able to socialize with other dogs until this problem has been resolved. 

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