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A different way of doing things....
Instead of bundling our services based on generalizations and corporate policies, we strive for and believe in individualized care based on a handful of criteria for your pet including risk factors, lifestyle and even your wallet.

We know you are the most important player in the healthcare of your fur-family so we cater and accomplish our wellness way and philosophy through an education of explanations, answers and options. Just a few of the things we do here at one of Raleigh's finest full-service veterinary hospitals:

  • Comprehensive examinations and behavior consultations
  • Preventative care including vaccines, blood pressure monitoring, and EKG's
  • Care for exotic pets
  • Surgery including but not limited to: spay and neuters, limb amputation, eye removal, and foreign body exploratories
  • Dental cleanings and tooth extractions
  • On-site diagnostics including heartworm tests, fecal examinations, urinalysis, cytology, and radiographs
  • Laser therapy to aid in fighting infection, healing wounds, and treating injuries or arthritis
  • New Telemedicine appointments to help limit the spread of COVID-19

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