We believe that the very foundation of the relationship you have with your pet depends on the ability to live together in harmony. Investing some time and effort in starting right, and fixing problems as they develop, is the difference between having a dog and really loving your dog. Schedule a behavior consultation with Dr. Teresa to discuss issues or problems you are having. This is often an important step to evaluate possible medical or mental health issues that need to be addressed, along with training and behavior modification techniques. For ongoing assistance, we can help you connect with a trainer that best meets your pet's needs.

We are pleased to host Topline-K9-Solutions group classes and we highly recommend their in-home-private-consultation services.

Topline-K9-Solutions brings a solid reputation of dog training to our facility. Their primary focus is on manners training so you can fully enjoy your canine buddy at home or in public, all without the use of shock collars.

Topline-K9-Solutions services include:

- Puppy Group Classes (for puppies 3 months to 5 months of age);
- Home Manners Group Classes (the foundation to good manners);
- Community Manners Group Classes (real-life distractions and CGC test);
- Rowdy Rovers Group Classes (out-of-control lunging/barking in public);
- Pet Therapy Group Classes (for dogs who live to be petted);
- Well-mannered Dog Seminar  (all about how to have a calm dog who listens);
- K9 Training School (where we save you time and frustration);
- Private Training (at the convenience of your home and for quick results).

Classes are held weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

Please visit for details and enrollment information or contact Topline-K9-Solutions at 919.714.9846 via phone or via email.

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