To help limit exposure to COVID-19, we are offering telemedicine appointments; however, this service is limited to EXISTING CLIENTS/PATIENTS ONLY – a veterinary/patient/client relationship is REQUIRED for us to be able to provide this service to you.

Veterinary/client/patient relationship is defined by the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board as a veterinarian’s record of a client’s animal which documents that the veterinarian has seen the animal in a professional capacity (physical examination) within a period of 12 months or less.

If you are an existing patient/client and your pet has an issue that is not an emergency but you are concerned, call us and we can schedule a time for one of our doctors to speak with you. A thorough history, photos, and/or videos of the issue will be asked of you beforehand so that our doctor may review before your scheduled time.
If, after our doctor has reviewed the issue at-hand and consulted with you via phone/video, we cannot resolve the issue teleconferencing, we will advise you that a physical examination is critical in moving forward and schedule your appointment accordingly.

Please be mindful that our telemedicine appointments do incur a fee.
Call us at 919.948.4210 for more information.

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