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Compassionate Pet Boarding in Raleigh

If you're heading out of state on business or your family is going on vacation, you may not be able to take your pet with you. At Raleigh Community Animal Hospital, we're proud to provide experienced pet boarding services for dogs and cats of all ages. You can rest assured that our knowledgeable and caring veterinary team will treat your pet with the kindness and respect they deserve while they're under our roof.

Over the years, we've improved our Raleigh pet boarding services to cater to various situations. Whether you only need daytime assistance or overnight boarding for an extended stay, our team is here for you. We can meet all your pet's health requirements, including giving any necessary medications. Contact us today to schedule your pet's next appointment and discover if our boarding services are right for you!


3 Benefits of Pet Boarding Services

Although many pet owners may have heard of cat and dog boarding, they may not be sure what it entails. That's why our friendly and informative veterinary team is here to break down our pet boarding services and explain their benefits. Some of the benefits of our services include:

  1. Helping Your Pet Socialize: One of the benefits of pet boarding is that even though you won't be with your pet, other pets will be. We offer group play to allow your pet to play and socialize with other cats or dogs in a safe and supervised environment.
  2. Maintaining Your Pet's Schedule: Our team will get various information from you before you drop your pet off with us. For example, we'll take the time to understand their feeding routine as well as when they're supposed to take medication so that there are no lapses in their schedule.
  3. Preventing Loneliness: One of the greatest benefits of our Raleigh pet boarding services is that your pet won't be lonely. Between our caring staff sitting in with them and your pet socializing with other boarders, you can expect them to be stimulated during their time with us.

Our Unique Approach to Pet Boarding

When you bring your pet in for their initial visit, we'll conduct a wellness exam to ensure that they're healthy enough to be boarded. From there, our team will ask you about their routines, any medication they take, if they've been boarded before, and how long you'll be gone. Our veterinary practice offers two types of dog and cat boarding services, including:

  • Daytime: Typically a favorite choice of pet owners with busy schedules, our practice can board your pet during the day. When your pet is left alone during the daytime, they can become bored and may exhibit disobedient behavior. Our services ensure that your pet is stimulated, supervised, and properly cared for. Whether you want to leave them with us for a few hours or the entire day, we can accommodate your schedule.
  • Overnight: For overnight boarding, just like daytime boarding, we require that you bring food for your pet, blankets, and any necessary medication. Depending on your pet's age, we may also recommend that you bring easy-to-digest food that's easier to take with medication. There's no limit on how many nights you can leave your pet with us, and every 10th session is free. Additionally, we offer group play options for an additional fee.

Pet Boarding FAQs

We know how frustrating it can be to have questions about a veterinarian's services that go unanswered. That's why our friendly Raleigh pet boarding team is here to answer your questions. Some of the most frequently asked questions about our pet boarding services include:

Can you provide emergency veterinary care?

While your pet is under our care, we can provide them with urgent veterinary care services. You can rest assured that we'll protect their well-being as much as possible.

Yes. We have the facilities and staff to accommodate multiple pets from one owner. We'll also work to keep your pets together to help them feel more comfortable and relaxed during their stay.

Yes. We regularly board pets when their owners have taken extended vacations. Let our team know how long you'll be gone, and we'll give you an estimation of how much it'll cost.

We recommend that cats and dogs be at least 12 weeks old to help ensure that they're comfortable and not too overwhelmed by their stay.

Raleigh Dog & Cat Boarding

At Raleigh Community Animal Hospital, we're proud to provide excellent pet boarding services for cats and dogs. Whether your family is taking a vacation or you have a busy daytime schedule, our friendly and compassionate veterinary team is here to help your pet feel comfortable. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment and learn more about our Raleigh pet boarding services!