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Spay and Neuter Services in Raleigh

You love animals and your pet is the one closest to your heart, and you can help protect their health with spaying or neutering. At Raleigh Community Animal Hospital, we offer spay and neuter procedures to prevent unwanted pet pregnancies and minimize the risk of life-threatening health issues. Our team is dedicated to keeping animals safe and healthy, regardless of age or if they've already had a litter.

You can trust us to always employ fear-free techniques to keep your pet calm and at peace throughout their time with us. We are proud to protect the animals of our community through spay and neuter services in Raleigh. Contact us today to learn how to protect your furry friend through our spay and neuter services.


Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Pets

We understand that many people feel hesitant about scheduling surgery for their pet, but when you spay or neuter your cat or dog, it can include health and behavioral benefits. The most well-known benefits of these procedures are preventing certain types of cancer and improved behavior. Here are some of the other benefits your pet can enjoy:

  • Increase life expectancy
  • Reduce risks of certain cancers
  • Reduces roaming
  • Improves focus for training purposes
  • Reduces aggression
  • Minimizes spraying or marking territory

Health Risks of Animals Who Aren't Spayed or Neutered

Our team believes you deserve to have all the information before deciding to spay or neuter your cat or dog. That's why we empower you with the facts you need, including the risks you protect your pet from when they undergo this procedure. Here are some of the risks your furry friend avoids when they're spayed or neutered:

  • Tumors and Cancers: A female cat or dog that isn't spayed is at risk for tumors in their mammary glands and cancers that affect their uterus and ovaries. Male dogs and cats that aren't neutered are susceptible to testicular and prostate cancers.
  • Difficult Pregnancy or Delivery: When your dog or cat is pregnant, they face numerous challenges and complications, such as gestational problems. Some animals endure difficult deliveries because of their age or their breed.

Our Process for Spaying and Neutering in Raleigh

When you and your pet walk into our welcoming office, you'll notice that our team prioritizes comfort for you and your furry friend. We know that your pet is close to your heart and want to ensure they feel calm and safe. That's why our compassionate team takes the time to get to know you and your pet.

Our spay or neuter procedure consists of two visits, depending on the age of your pet. For puppies and kittens, their first exam with our friendly team includes an open and insightful consultation about when your pet needs to be spayed or neutered. Every pet is different, and we perform a thorough and gentle exam before recommending when your puppy or kitten should undergo the procedure. Older pets receive a separate consultation before their spay or neuter appointment. During the consultation, we can provide a quote that includes the cone and pain medication for your pet.

The second appointment is for the procedure. We don't want you to feel rushed because that can make your pet feel anxious, which is why we have you drop off your pet in the morning, and you'll pick them up in the afternoon once the procedure is complete. Our team is committed to keeping your pet healthy and happy, which is why we give you helpful tips and insight for home care following their spaying or neutering.

Spay and Neuter FAQs

Choosing a treatment that is right for your furry friend can feel intimidating, and it's natural to have questions. That's why we encourage you to share your questions and concerns. Our friendly team is happy to provide the answers and resources you need to make an informed decision regarding your pet's treatment plan. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about spay and neuter services in Raleigh:

When should I spay or neuter my dog or cat?

For your small dog or cat, you can spay or neuter a dog as young as 4-6 months old. With larger dog breeds, it's recommended that you wait until 6-12 months to have them spayed or neutered. Our team will review their health and breed before making a recommendation on the timing of their procedure.

The recovery time will be determined by your pet's age and overall health. However, many pets make a full recovery in 10-14 days.

Your pet may be a little tired or irritable after the procedure, and it's important to be gentle and patient with your furry friend. Our vet offers medication to help with pain management, and it's necessary to follow their instructions thoroughly to ensure your pet is comfortable and heals properly. Your pet needs to avoid strenuous movement for a few days and should not be allowed to lick the surgery site. If you notice redness, swelling, or the surgery site feels warm to the touch, call our office, and we will set up an appointment.

Spay and Neuter Services in Raleigh

Finding a vet who loves your pet like you shouldn't be difficult. At Raleigh Community Animal Hospital, we truly care about your furry friend and keeping them in optimal health so you can enjoy years of love and cuddles. That's why we offer reliable spay and neuter services in Raleigh to boost your pet's overall health. Whether your dog is fully grown and you want to improve their longevity or you want to deter your new kitten from spraying, our team is here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.