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Reliable Pet Wellness Exams in Raleigh

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At Raleigh Community Animal Hospital, we are passionate about helping your pets enjoy a bright future full of continued health and love. Our seasoned team performs efficient pet wellness exams to help preserve the happiness and well-being of your precious cats and dogs for the long term. We are a skilled veterinary practice dedicated to client-focused services, providing all the information you need to make confident, well-informed decisions about your pet's future.

Located in Raleigh, we serve the cats and dogs of our local community and beyond by helping them lead healthy lives. We know you're a caring pet parent who deserves sharp insight into your animal companion's well-being. Let our compassionate veterinary team return the love and loyalty they've given you by delivering comprehensive pet examinations in Raleigh. We will work hard to ensure your furry family member is happy, healthy, and living life to the fullest for years to come. Contact our office today for a quality pet wellness visit that provides detailed information and peace of mind!


Our Comprehensive Approach to Pet Wellness

We believe a proactive approach is vital to the continued health and well-being of your pet rather than a reactive one. Our veterinarians have a comprehensive outlook in the pursuit of animal wellness, making sure no abnormalities or complications are left unchecked or unaddressed. Though it can vary by age and health condition, we generally recommend that healthy, adult pets receive an exam at least once or twice per year.

Our effective and in-depth pet wellness exams cover many services, which include but are not limited to:

  • Full Body Physical Exam
  • Parasite Prevention
  • Bloodwork
  • Vaccination
  • Dental Exam

Our Efficient Pet Examination Process

We are a seasoned veterinary team boasting years of experience handling cats and dogs of varying breeds, ages, sizes, and temperaments. Our animal hospital is equipped with modern tools and diagnostic capabilities, excelling in accuracy and efficiency. Whether you have a new kitten or a stately senior dog, you can expect gentle pet examinations delivered by our compassionate team who will treat your pet like family.

Our meticulous process includes carefully checking your pet's ears, eyes, nose, teeth, heart, and lungs, with blood tests for added thoroughness and fecal examinations to check for parasites if needed. We take diagnostics and treatment plans very seriously, identifying the nuances of the problem before proposing solutions. Our dedicated staff are caring pet parents just like you, and we will provide all the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your animal's health and well-being for years to come.

Pet Wellness Exams FAQs

We understand that the wellness of your pet is a sensitive subject. Our compassionate and friendly veterinarians will never leave you in the dark regarding our wellness visit process. We are happy to address any questions and concerns you have about our services. Some frequently asked questions regarding pet wellness exams include:

Do puppies and kittens need wellness exams?

Yes. We believe you should never hesitate to bring your new puppy or kitten into our office for a pet wellness exam because young animals have a weaker immune system, making them more susceptible to various types of infections. Rest assured, we know how to properly examine and provide safe vaccinations for young pets to help them live a long, healthy life.

Yes. We welcome you to attend all examinations. Seeing a familiar face will help to keep your furry friend relaxed and assured. This also allows us to provide instant information and gives you the floor to ask questions.

Blood tests can help us determine if your pet suffers from anemia or other undetected infections and diseases. Yearly bloodwork also confirms organ function, hormone levels, and electrolyte status. We recommend that your pet receives a blood test before age 3 and your senior pet after age 7 to help ensure they experience healthy twilight years.

Trusted Pet Wellness Exams in Raleigh

At Raleigh Community Animal Hospital, we are passionate about protecting the health and well-being of your cats and dogs by providing thorough pet examinations. We will work hard and smart to ensure your furry loved one has a clean bill of health. If we do find an issue, we can offer a broad range of reliable services that will be thoroughly and clearly explained so you can make informed decisions about which procedure will be the right choice for their situation.

We look forward to welcoming you and your adorable animal companions into our office and providing quality pet wellness exams in Raleigh. Our skilled and compassionate team will help your cats and dogs continue living a long, healthy life by your side. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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