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Skilled Pet Dentistry in Raleigh

At Raleigh Community Animal Hospital, we work hard to provide pet dentistry of the highest quality. We're proud to serve pets and their families in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary, and the surrounding areas. Our team of animal lovers truly values the opportunity we have to help pets live their best lives, and proactive cat and dog dental care is a cornerstone of what we do.

We provide a wide range of dental services, from cleanings to extractions and mass removals, so you can feel confident your pet's needs will be met when they come for a dental appointment. Whatever they need, we'll be there with a gentle approach, fear-free tactics, and a skilled hand. Contact us today to experience the Raleigh pet dentistry your furry family members need for a lifetime of healthy smiles!


Our Process for Cat & Dog Dental Care

Our friendly cat and dog dentist focuses on personalized, one-on-one care. We take the time to get to know your beloved pet and learn not only what they need from a dental healthcare standpoint but also how to approach their overall treatment from the moment they step through our doors. We know coming to the vet can be a stressful experience for some animals, and our goal is to make dental visits as smooth and easy as possible.

When you bring your pet to us for dental care, our process takes place over two appointments.

  • Consultation Appointment: Our veterinarian will conduct a comprehensive oral exam to assess your pet's dental health during the initial consultation. We may also perform necessary blood work to ensure your pet is ready for dental procedures. This can also often be performed on the day of their dental procedure. For your convenience, this consultation appointment can be combined with a wellness exam, minimizing the number of trips you need to take to our practice.
  • Dental Procedure Appointment: On the day of your pet's dental procedure, we'll safely sedate them to perform dental work more easily. We may perform x-rays during the procedure to get a closer look at their teeth and jaw health. Our team will then thoroughly clean their teeth, addressing additional needs such as extractions, biopsies, or mass removals as needed. We'll provide updates whenever there are to our discussed plan and will give you guidance on post-operative care to promote a smooth recovery.

What Are Some Benefits of Pet Dentistry?

Dogs and cats rely heavily on their oral health, and maintaining their vibrant smile is crucial to giving them the best quality of life you can. Studies have found that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of periodontal disease by age three. Even if your pet isn't presenting symptoms of dental problems, regular dog and cat dental care checkups can help combat these common issues.

Some of the immediate benefits of keeping up with your pet's dental needs include:

  • Stopping Bad Breath
  • Treating Gum Disease
  • Preventing Tooth Loss
  • Eliminating Dental Pain
  • Identifying Oral Cancer & Other Issues

Creating a Comfortable Environment for Your Pet

We are acutely aware of maximizing your pet's comfort and well-being during their visits. We have worked hard to foster a welcoming atmosphere at Raleigh Community Animal Hospital to aid in this. From our office space to our friendly team, we strive to create a peaceful, reassuring setting for every furry friend who enters our doors. Leveraging our extensive experience with diverse breeds, we are equipped to deliver the gentle pet dentistry they need to thrive.

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4 Tips for At-Home Cat & Dog Dental Care

While we can provide comprehensive dental care once or twice a year, every other day at home is where you can make the biggest improvement in your pet's oral health. Some may see maintaining their pet's smile as a hassle, but it's vital to promoting better dental and overall physical health. Here are four simple home care tips:

  1. Brush Regularly: Brush your pet's teeth weekly to reduce tartar buildup.
  2. Use Dental Products: Utilize dental products designed for pets to protect gums and minimize tartar.
  3. Provide Dry Food: Choosing dry pet food for at least one meal a day or throughout the week can promote dental health. The light abrasion from chewing dry food can gently clean tooth surfaces, reducing tartar and improving gum health. Similar dry food treats can be helpful as well.
  4. Provide Oral Health Toys: Invest in pet toys designed to enhance oral health, keeping your pets entertained while cleaning their teeth.

Trusted Pet Dentistry in Raleigh

At Raleigh Community Animal Hospital, our experienced team of veterinarians is dedicated to maximizing the well-being and longevity of your cherished furry family members. Our comprehensive dental care services play a vital role in safeguarding the overall health of your cat or dog. We value the positive relationships we create with you and your pets and look forward to providing the excellent quality of life they deserve. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with our Raleigh cat and dog dentist!